As long as I can remember, I’ve always been interested in the web… I made my first website at age 12. Subsequently, I’ve learnt many different ways of presenting information on the internet, whether it be using php, asp, flash, css, or xml.

In essence, I’m into designing websites that are beautiful, powerful, and compliant. I’ve got a bunch experience in the implementation and deployment of CMS applications, such as WordPress, Silver Stripe, OpenCart and Big Cartel.

Below you’ll find a small selection of websites that I’ve been working on over the last few months. If you’d like to get me involved in a project that you’re working on (or just want to have a chat), please feel free to contact me and we can talk!

  • NAHYOURITEMATE by James Wade

    NAHYOURITEMATE is the brain child of esteemed photographer Nick Gascoine, and is essentially a clothing label that pokes fun at some of the more serious players in the industry. Everything about the brand is simple, but well thought out, and the site reflects this.NAHYOURITEMATE utilises a Content Management System, allowing Nick to create and adapt content on the fly with minimal html skills.Click here to check out NAHYOURITEMATE.

  • Dishonour Brand by James Wade

    Dishonour Brand
    Dishonour is an apparel brand that I founded in 2006, basically because I had a bit of free time and wanted to do something creative and productive. Five years later, the line of gear has expanded from basic screen-printed tees to (more or less) a full line of clothing and apparel.Dishonour Brand utilises a Content Management System, which lets me keep the site up to date, whether I’m at home or on the road..Click here to check out Dishonour Brand.

  • Ben Mcpherson by James Wade

    Ben McPherson
    Ben is an aspiring design student who wanted a website to showcase his photography and design skills. We worked together to achieve a structured layout, consistent with his love of clean and thought out design.Ben’s website utilises a Content Management System, allowing Ben to easily upload and curate his portfolio at any time.Click here to check out Ben McPherson’s website.

  • Lill Sass by James Wade

    Lil Sass
    Lil Sass is a boutique fashion store in Mt Gambier, run by Cassie Zaccardo. The site allows customers to check out Cassie’s vast catalog of stock quickly and easily, utilising the Paypal payment gateway.Lil Sass’s website utilises a Content and Inventory Management System, allowing Cassie to easily add products, maintain inventory levels and communicate with her customers.Click here to check out Lil Sass

  • Eleanor Tce by James Wade

    Eleanor Tce
    Eleanor Tce is a hardcore-influenced clothing label established by Jayd van der Meer in 2010. The website’s purpose is two-fold: to facilitate online sales of Eleanor Tce apparel, and provide updates and news surrounding the brand.Eleanor Tce utilises a Content Management System, allowing Jayd to easily update the blog or add new products.Click here to check out Eleanor Tce.

  • This Town Sucks by James Wade

    This Town Sucks
    This Town Sucks is a blog covering the West Gippsland BMX scene, run by Andrew Fraser and a few of his mates. The blog has a strong focus on video content, with a random featured video displayed in the sidebar, as well as a number of links to other featured posts.This Town Sucks utilises a Content Management System, allowing Andrew and his crew to post content quickly and easily.Click here to check out This Town Sucks.